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With over 30 years of experience, our respected Bloodstock team offers leading underwriting capability covering all breeds of horses and some livestock, individually or through schedules under common ownership on an open market or binding authority basis in all major territories worldwide.


Chris Williams

Class Underwriter

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Bloodstockseeing the diffrence makes the diffrence

Importantly we have a proven track record of working with our clients to respond to claims in a timely and efficient manner with our knowledgeable Bloodstock claims experts.

Our Product

A policy will be tailor-made to suit the distinct requirements of the insured and will be dependent on the balance and size of the schedule. Underwriting considerations for equine exposures typically focus on the owner and the quality of the stable management and facilities, veterinary history and the sum insured.

  • All risks of mortality (death via natural causes, or destruction of an animal)
  • Barrenness (failure of a mare to conceive)
  • First season congenital infertility (failure of first season stallion to achieving prescribed fertility %)
  • Loss of income (stallion’s inability to cover mares)
  • Prospective foal (failure of a mare to maintain a pregnancy)
  • Stallion permanent and total infertility due to accident sickness and disease
  • Veterinary fees
  • We also have a US Admitted Carrier Platform

Our Capacity

US$ 2.5m Any One Animal


Andrew Bowers

Divisional Director

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Chris Williams

Class Underwriter

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Claims Manager

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Head of Claims Short Tail and Energy

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